Entrance Doors

Technical parameter
Cavity structure: 6 cavities, 3 seals
Window thickness (mm): 70
Window thickness (mm): 70
Profile wall thickness standard: Class A
Window sash can hold glass thickness range (mm): 4/42
Whole window performance
The insulation performance (K): k = 1.58w/m2 - K (GB/T8484-2008)
Sound insulation performance (dB): Rw = 35dB (GB/T8485-2008)
Air tightness (class): Level 7 (GB/T7106-2008)
Water tightness (grade): Grade 5 (GB/T7106-2008)
Wind resistance performance (grade): 6 stage (GB/T7106-2008)
Uw=1.58W/m -.K
Uw Uf=1.46w/m -.K, the calculated values of Ug=1.45w/m -.K, g=1.45w/m.k window size: 900x2000mm
Product features
1. standard sealed lifting hardware imports, opening and closing of the noise is small, does not occupy the openings on both sides of the wall material strong, long service life.
2., double channel, low damping coefficient of TPV glue, silicified U high sealing top, sealing, insulation and dustproof performance is excellent, applicable to all kinds of high-end villas into households.
3., the door and the door ring sealing structure, fused silica gel water block and metal Phi along the water, air tightness, water tightness is higher.
4. super energy-saving sub frame and unique stainless steel drainage system, perfect fusion connection, effectively prevent rainwater poured into the interior.

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