Entrance Doors

Technical parameter
Cavity structure: 6 cavities, 3 seals

Window thickness (mm): 70

Window thickness (mm): 70

Profile wall thickness standard: Class A

Window sash can hold glass thickness range (mm): 4/42

Whole gate performance

The insulation performance (K): k = 1.52w/m2 - K (GB/T8484-2008)

Sound insulation performance (dB): Rw = 35dB (GB/T8485-2008)

Air tightness (class): Level 6 (GB/T7106-2008)

Water tightness (grade): Grade 5 (GB/T7106-2008)

Wind resistance performance (grade): 6 stage (GB/T7106-2008)

Uw=1.52W/m -.K

Uw Uf=1.46w/m -.K, the calculated values of Ug=1.45w/m -.K, g=1.45w/m.k door size: 900x2000mm

Product features

1. door 3.0mm 5 "wall thickness, cavity structure, high sealing performance, resist cold invasion.

2., glass maximum thickness of 42mm, better sound insulation performance, to ensure indoor comfort and quiet.

3. double channel low damping coefficient TPV glue strip, double channel silicified U top, high seal, three EPDM glue ring, integral sealing, waterproof and dustproof.

4., imported 3D door, hinge, hardware accessories, design up to 150 thousand times, repeated open, higher strength, longer life cycle.

Superior sealing performance

The use of "Automotive" sealant, to achieve strong water tightness, airtight effect.

High thermal insulation

Energy saving saturated polyurethane composite wear-resistant composite threshold, multi cavity structure, effectively improve the insulation and sound insulation performance.

Unique drainage system

The unique silicone drainage pad, unique design of metal covered water, drainage at the bottom of the door is more smooth.

Implementation standards
Meet EU CE, US ASTM standards and China GB standards.

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