Entrance Doors

Technical parameter

Cavity structure: 6 cavities, 3 seals

Window thickness (mm): 70

Window thickness (mm): 70

Profile wall thickness standard: Class A

Window sash can hold glass thickness range (mm): 4/42

Whole gate performance

The insulation performance (K): k = 1.56w/m - K (GB/T8484-2008) ()

Sound insulation performance (dB): Rw = 35dB (GB/T8485-2008)

Air tightness (class): Level 6 (GB/T7106-2008)

Water tightness (grade): Grade 5 (GB/T7106-2008)

Wind resistance performance (grade): 6 stage (GB/T7106-2008)

Uw=1.56W/m -K

Uw Uf=1..46w/m -.K, the calculated values of Ug=1.45w/m -.K, g=1.45w/m.k door size: 900x2000mm

Product features

1. profiles, multi cavity structure, three channel sealing design, independent watertight, airtight cavity, effectively reduce the heat transfer caused by air convection.

2., double channel, low damping coefficient of TPV glue, silicified U top, high sealing performance, against heavy rain, dust storms.

3. the interior of the door leaf profile is specially designed and reinforced. The welded block is constructed with unique structure, so that the hardware is firmly installed, and the problem of sagging and falling angle of the door leaf is effectively prevented.

4. assembly type door frame and barrier free threshold design, can make super size door on-site assembly, installation and transportation more convenient.

Long service life

Such saturated polyurethane wear threshold threshold, longer life cycle.

Excellent anti-theft performance

Mushroom head lock point lock seat design, special anti prizing design, in line with the national GB standards.

More convenient processing

The unique structure of the frame and the threshold screw joint structure, convenient installation of various European standard hardware accessories, sophisticated processing technology standards, improve processing efficiency.

Implementation standards
Meet EU CE, US ASTM standards and China GB standards.

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