Upcv windows

Technical parameters
6 cavity, cavity structure: 3 seal
The thickness of the frame (mm) : 65
Casement thickness (mm) : 65
Material thickness standard: class B
Casement clamping range of glass thickness (mm) : 4/33
The whole window performance
Insulation performance (K value) : K 1.70 w/m or less squared k. (GB/T8484-2008)
Sound insulation performance (dB) : Rw 35 dB (GB/T8485-2008) or
Air tightness (level) : 8 (GB/T7106-2008)
Water tightness (level) : 5 (GB/T7106-2008)
Wind resistance (level) : 6 (GB/T7106-2008)
Uw = 1.70 W/m squared. K
Uw for numerical simulation of Uf = 1.48 w/m squared. K, Ug = 1.45 w/m squared. K, Ψ g = 1.45 w/m.k window size: 1230 x1480mm
Product features
1. Unique design of three soft seal greatly enhanced profile of the thermal insulation performance.
2. Visual acuity 2.5 ㎜ of wall thickness, the visual acuity 2.2 ㎜ side wall thick, conform to the profile of national standard GB/T8814-2004 - B type wall thickness requirements.
3. The unique design of anti-theft lock more design, falling prevention safety design, safety performance to solve outside the window.
4. The design of bolt connection technology, thoroughly eliminate the crack hidden danger of v-shaped welding, improve the connection strength and better cosmetic results.
Humanized design
Dedicated hardware accessories, stable open closed more smoothly, unique design of the clamp hand to ensure safe operation.
Outstanding performance
Combined closely with the profile more chamber structure, hollow glass, three seal design, heat insulation performance of K value as high as 1.70, sound insulation can reach 30 decibel.
Outstanding safety design
Hidden pry proof lock more lock design, use more secure.
Long service life
Integrated design, hardware accessories and profiles with high precision, can open closed the 150000 times, window into durable performance is better.

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