Upcv windows

Technical parameters
6 cavity, cavity structure: 3 seal
The thickness of the frame (mm) : 70
Casement thickness (mm) : 70
Material thickness standard: A class
Casement clamping range of glass thickness (mm) : 4/42
The whole window performance
Insulation performance (K value) : K 1.39 w/m or less squared k. (GB/T8484-2008)
Sound insulation performance (dB) : 3 Rw p dB (GB/T8485-2008)
Air tightness (level) : 8 (GB/T7106-2008)
Water tightness (level) : 5 (GB/T7106-2008)
Wind resistance (level) : 6 (GB/T7106-2008)
Uw = 1.39 W/m squared. K
Uw for numerical simulation of Uf = 1.36 w/m squared. K, Ug = 1.45 w/m squared. K, Ψ g = 1.45 w/m.k window size: 1230 x1480mm
Product features
1. The main profile high wall thickness large cross section design, chamber structure, visual wall thickness of 2.8 mm, or three seal design, excellent heat preservation and heat insulation performance.
2. Three glass two hollow glass according to the 5 + 9 a + 5 + 9 a + 5, 5 + 9 a + 5 low-e standard configuration, the biggest glass thickness 42 mm, improve sound insulation heat preservation performance.
3. Profile fruity and elegant appearance, smooth surface and fine porcelain texture.
4. Body water slope structure glue, seal more efficient, independent drainage chamber, head type more unobstructed drainage.
The window of the whole performance excellence
Level 5 unique special sealing design, water tightness, air tightness magnitude 8, heat insulation performance of K value of up to 1.39, after fully closed 40 decibel noise reduction effect, which can realize "library" mute effect.
Humanized design
Special RaoEn improved power-assisted hardware accessories, hand operation strength by 40%.
Outstanding safety design
Unique lock point lock design, in line with the eu WK2 security levels.
Execution standard
Meet the European CE, American ASTM standards and GB standard of China.

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